We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. 2010 is upon us, and we be believe it is a year for advance. After a successful 2009 we are now looking forward to our return this May to Wadupe, Sudan. We are shifting our focus from fresh water wells to school buildings and teacher training. Our last trip yeilded two wells in the village Wadupe and the people are now praying for their children's education. The people of Wadupe are making bricks to rebuild their school using the brick press and the training we provided last summer. Our return in May will establish the Teacher Training Program and School Reconstruction Program. We are now continuing fund-raising efforts in order to finance these programs. Please read about the Help Me Live/Help Me Read Project for more detailed information and learn how to support these efforts.

Much Love

Billy Riddle Jr
Founder/ Leader


First and foremost praise God for the success of phase one of the Help Me Live/Help Me Read project in Wadupe, South Sudan. On the groundbreaking trip for Why The Woods in Southern Sudan a small group of seven volunteers were blessed with the opportunity to serve the people in the village of Wadupe. In the two months we spent living in the village we were able to drill two wells, one of which will impact a nearby school of 450 students. The other well was placed near a dirty river that had previously been used for drinking and bathing. These wells will tremendously cut down the walking distance that women and children must travel for water. The village erupted in celebration as the wells pumped its first drops of clean and safe water.

wellhandsIn addition to the wells our team was able to construct a house to be used as a base for future projects, and used as a classroom for the primary school during our absence. We also held seven hygiene education classes for school children and women in surrounding villages. The classes covered basic hygiene principles essential to the health of their families. We dug two pit latrines for the school, which previously had no latrine facilities forcing the kids to use the open ground, making them vulnerable to diseases. We were able to supply the village with a brick press and enough cement to make about 14,000 bricks that will be used to build the new latrines and a new school. When we left the area they had already made and cured 600 bricks!!!

We hope to return in May 2010 with enough funds to begin phase two of Help Me Live/Help Me Read, which includes school construction and a teacher training program. Praise God and thank you to all who lifted us in prayers and through donations. God has given us this chance to help His children, our brothers and sisters in Sudan. Please join me in this effort. Much Love

GOD is Greater

Billy Riddle Jr

founder/leader of Why The Woods

I would love to come and speak to your church group, school, or civic clubs/organizations about the Help Me Live/Help Me Read project, and my experiences in Sudan. Please contact me to schedule a date


Billy Riddle Jr

founder/leader of Why The Woods


We are in the process of launching out new website! We have tons of updates coming soon! We are in the process of gathering all of our media from this summer's trip and editing a film about our HELP ME LIVE | HELP ME READproject. For more information about the film click here.